VRL Sample Submission Form

Below is an example of a previous Crystal Bowl Winner’s submission form:

Question 1

Describe the nominee’s activities and role. (1,000 character limit) *

______ is a homeless advocate. He works at our church organizing and coordinating services for the homeless. We have a shelter/program where they are fed dinner every night, sleep inside the church, and are offered classes and coaching. ______ is in charge of managing all those services. At the same time, _______ works as a volunteer with a number of other churches helping them organize their own services for the homeless. He is co-founder of the Winter Interfaith Collaborative, an organization that gathers, trains and resources congregations to serve the homeless. _______ organizes activities with SJSU students where they can learn about serving the homeless. Finally, _______  is always involved in advocacy at the County and City levels, having been instrumental in passing the recent policy to allow places of assembly to shelter homeless people 365 days a year without onerous permit processes and expense.


Question 2

Describe “how, why and what” that makes the nominee’s efforts extraordinary. (1,000 character limit) *

_______  is an extraordinary volunteer by way of his dedication and resourcefulness. He is great to do fundraising, to recruit volunteers, to create awareness, both in the church and in the large community. He is tireless when it comes to give his time and energy to help people with housing needs, but also to create the right environment for the current housing crisis to decrease in intensity.  _______ moves swiftly from a City Hall meeting where he speaks truth to power, to a hospital room to visit a homeless person who’s been run over by a car. He has helped our church become more effective in their efforts to change lives.


Question 3

What is the impact of the nominee’s work? (1,000 character limit) *

As a result of _______ ‘s work as a volunteer, _______  has an organized and effective program where 12 homeless individuals live in the church for seven months, attend classes that empower them to change their worldview, and have a personal coach that assist each of them to attain their housing goals. In the winter, we open a well-organized shelter to protect homeless people from the weather conditions. Also, because of _______ ‘s advocacy work, more than 30 churches, synagogues, and mosques are involved in serving the homeless; some with rotating shelters, some with safe park services, others supporting the work of those who provide shelter with food, toiletries, clothes, and more. As a result of his work, San Jose has become a more aware of the housing problem we have, and both City and County (Santa Clara) have worked more diligently in providing solutions.


Question 4

How did the nominee go above and beyond? (1,000 character limit) *

_______  has extended his love and service above and beyond the call of duty by working endless hours, nding and sharing resources, and networking with everybody. He has been very successful in bringing churches and other bodies of faith together to serve, he has involved the academic  and political communities, and he has never neglected the personal, individual care of those he knows by name.