Why? To Make A Difference!

Since 1967, the Junior League of San Jose has been welcoming women of diverse backgrounds, interests and talents. As League members, we work together as change agents to improve the greater San Jose community. We dedicate many volunteer hours and financial resources to develop and support various community programs that have improved the lives of local families for the past five decades. In 2016, JLSJ transitioned from its decade-long community impact focus of helping young children enter elementary school ready to learn and thrive. Our members voted overwhelmingly to adopt a new community impact focus: helping foster youth in Santa Clara County successfully transition out of foster care. We are eager to gear up for making a clear difference in the lives of local foster youth for years to come.

Benefits of Joining JLSJ

Our members have a wide range of volunteer and leadership opportunities. We participate in, develop and lead community outreach and support programs, fundraising initiatives, hands-on education and ongoing nonprofit management to advance the JLSJ Mission and Community Impact Program.

As JLSJ members, we share common experience in:

Volunteer Opportunities

JLSJ members receive training to become effective, hands-on community volunteers. Examples of our community projects:

  • In partnership with Grail Family Services, worked to promote literacy, improve the parent-child bond, empower the parent to be the child’s first teacher, and increase the parent’s awareness of their child’s development
  • Through the Kids in the Kitchen initiative, educate and promote healthy lifestyles among children and their families
  • Collaboration with Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT), develop the Make Build Play outreach project to provide “learn by doing” science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) opportunities for young children (4-8 years old) to promote school readiness and build confidence in creative problem solving
  • Short-term volunteer assistance through Done-in-a-Day (DIAD) projects that respond to community needs by conducting impactful hands-on projects, in partnership with community agencies operating within the scope of JLSJ’s Mission and Community Impact focus area

Hands-On Training

The League offers our members a variety of hands-on training opportunities to develop new skills in a supportive environment. Training opportunities include community impact and outreach, fundraising, communications and public education, membership development, volunteer coordination, operations management and leadership.

Leadership Development

A large number of our volunteers gain and fine-tune skills, and develop the confidence to become leaders in the community, other nonprofit organizations and the business sector.

Meaningful Connections

Strong bonds of friendship develop when working together on a League project, participating in a training program, fundraiser, or attending a social event. Listen to what current JLSJ members have to say about their volunteer experiences at current and past League projects: