Kids in the Kitchen


In February of 2006, Junior Leagues from across four countries implemented an international initiative called Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen, designed to help communities address the urgent issues surrounding childhood obesity and poor nutrition.

In its first year, more than 200 Junior Leagues participated in the program and provided educational initiatives for children and families in their communities. To date, media coverage has reached over 80 million people with messages about the issues surrounding childhood obesity and the Junior League’s initiative to address these.


Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen was recently deemed an ongoing awareness initiative for the Association of Junior Leagues International Inc. Activities for the program’s second year  focused around March, 2007, which incorporates National Nutrition Month in the United States and Canada.

Individual Leagues from across the Association will again host educational events in their local communities. Events will range from partnering with local chefs who gave cooking demonstrations in schools and community centers to hands-on grocery store tours that show kids and parents nutritious and affordable ways to select recipe ingredients and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Leagues are conducting programs in partnership with local community organizations in order to raise awareness and provide solutions for the growing health problems associated with childhood obesity.

Kids in the Kitchen Monthly Project with Sunday Friends

Kids in the Kitchen is tackling childhood obesity and poor nutrition in Santa Clara County by encouraging families to “Eat a Rainbow” of fruits and vegetables every day. Through our partnership with Sunday Friends, KITK offers monthly hands-on cooking and food prep activities with children. These cooking sessions teach children that vegetables are delicious (and cute!) and introduce them to new flavor combinations. Through this program, KITK is helping the children of Santa Clara County to grow up with healthy eating habits to pass down for generations.


Turkey Feather Fruit Kabobs:
– Apple or Pear
– Mixed berries and small fruit (Grapes, berries, tangerine slices, etc.)
– Raisins
– Nut butter

Cut a small portion off the apple to create a flat bottom. Securely insert short skewers into the rounded top of the apple. Place mixed small fruits and berries on the skewers to create colorful fruit feathers for your turkey. Use peanut butter as an adhesive to apply raisins for turkey eyes and other fruits for decorative accents.

Mini Orange Pumpkins:


– Oranges
– Celery

Peel small oranges, removing as much pith as possible. Leave in full orange shape. Cut celery sticks to fit in hole on top of orange, and place inside the peeled orange, making a mini pumpkin shape.

Everyone will gobble up these healthy treats!