What Others Are Saying About JLSJ

“Since 2004, Junior League of San Jose members have collaborated with Sunday Friends to bring role modeling, education and love to very low-income families, with special emphasis on the healthy development of our youngest children. Through Done In a Day projects, provisional volunteer events, Volunteer Recognition celebrations, special collections and Community Response Fund grants, the JLSJ has played key roles in uplifting the lives and the futures of hundreds of children and families in need.”

Janis Baron, Executive Director, Sunday Friends

“The Junior League is the epitome of showing what random acts of kindness can do.”

Jean Cecil, Executive Director, Career Closet

“The Volunteer Recognition Luncheon by the Junior League of San Jose is game-changer and should be a high water mark for every organization. We have leveraged it for acquiring directors, grants, individual contributions and public profile.  We’ve done so for two years.  Here’s the best part: it’s done for the purpose of celebrating voluntarism. High praise to the Junior League for getting it right.”

James T. Gardner, Ph. D., Founder & CEO, Good Karma Bikes

“The Junior League of San Jose’s adoption of Grail Family Services as a signature project has had a profound impact on our visibility, programs and relationships in the community.  With the endorsement of an organization that is so well grounded in the community, and so well respected, we gained exposure at a level that would have been difficult for us to attain on our own.  This “seal of approval” holds significant weight with potential clients, partners and funders.  Additionally, the passion and commitment of the Junior League volunteers who helped with our programs went way above and beyond our expectations. In fact, that dedication to our programs and the families we serve led two Junior League volunteers to become active GFS Board members. We will be forever grateful for the opportunities our partnership with the Junior League of San Jose provided.”

Veronica Goei, Executive Director, Grail Family Services

“The Wonder Cabinet partnership with Junior League San Jose and Children’s Discovery Museum was a perfect example of how like-minded community and cultural leaders leveraged their collective talent and resources to enrich the lives of our children, enhance their social and cognitive development and better prepare them for a world of wonder and creativity.”

Connie Martinez, CEO, Silicon Valley Creates

InnVision GEORGIA TRAVIS CENTER/Junior League San Jose Historical Perspective

“I remember so well when I met Georgia Travis, an 87 year old medical social worker who was leading a homeless task force of the AAUW Los Gatos/Saratoga Branch back in 1991 – her zeal and passion was quite compelling and in short order she was also able to solicit the support of the Junior League to help address the needs of homeless women and their children…it began with a dream for a designated women’s service center.”

“In my capacity as CEO of InnVision, an established homeless provider, I suggested to Georgia that the AAUW and Junior League join forces with InnVision to make the dream a reality. At that time there was no city or county plan for homeless women and yet there was a demonstrated need that this band of caring women embraced and resolved to address.”

“So, in July of 1992 I started a search for a building, obtained government grants for capital improvements and operations funding, obtained state licensing for childcare and began the process of renovation of an office building that needed a kitchen, bathrooms with showers, a laundry room, and remodeled childcare rooms, plus outdoor play areas and equipment.”

“Both the AAUW and Junior League provided grants for program supplies and equipment and even more importantly provided ongoing volunteers to help with both initial set-up/supply procurement as well as daily services such as counseling, vocational activities, food assistance and children’s activities.”

“InnVision was the lead agency responsible for staffing, management and fund procurement, but the combined efforts and dedication of all these women brought this plan to fruition…and we did it all within a 4 month period – opening our new center in time for Thanksgiving of 1992. I don’t believe that I have ever seen such a coordinated approach utilizing such a plethora of talents…and I must say Junior Leaguers know how to make things happen!! I will always be grateful for their role in developing the Georgia Travis Center – their heartfelt response to thousands of homeless women and children over the years has made all the difference.”

Christine Burroughs, CEO of InnVision the Way Home 1991 – 2012