Committee Chairs

Non-Council Positions Reporting to a Board Member

Senior SPAC – Ramona Snyder
Junior SPAC – Virginia Johnson

Administrative Council

Events and Arrangements Chair – Ginger Leishman
Historian – Rachel Larrenaga

Communications Council

Communications Director – TBD
Copy Editors – TBD
Digital Content Producer – Jaclyn O’Brien
The Flair Online Editor – Juliana O’Brien
Photographer – Jen Cretella
Website Manager – Stephanie Long
Social Media Manager – Ashley O’Brien
Public Relations Manager – Courtney Roberts

Outreach Council

Outreach Director – Bree von Faith
VRL Co-chairs – Josita Wensink and Vera Hill
Community Grant Funds Chair – Jen King

Projects Council

Community Impact Assessment Chairs –  Rebecca Pare and Christine VanDonge
Community Impact Chair – Sydney Ereno
Community Impact Chair: KITK – Camila Ferguson
Community Impact Chair: MBP Coordinator – LeeAnn Boennighausen

Finance Council

EFAB Marketing Director (Active) – Donna Butcher
EFAB Marketing Director (Sustainer) – Stacy Galasso
EFAB Education Director (Active) – Heidi Geronimo
EFAB Education Director (Sustainer) – Marit MacDonald
EFAB Fund & Donor Directors – Shari VanLoo and Nicole Bradshaw

Membership Council

Help Us Give Support (HUGS) Chair (formerly Member Outreach) – TBD
Member Resource Advisor (MRA) Chairs – Alisha Berry and TBD
New Members Committee Chairs – Sabrina Martire and Monica Petty
New Members Recruiting Chairs – Niki Friedman and Courtney Kaefer
New Members Training Chairs – Stephanie Long and Vanessa McCaslin
FLAME and Transfer Chairs – Jackie Gandenberger and Lindsay Zimmer

Leadership Council

Leadership Development Co-chairs – Charea Batiste and Andrea Seiler

Special Positions

Assistant to the Management Vice President – Monique Migdol