Committee Chairs

Communications Council
Historian – Maritza Hall
Website Manager – Kate Pavlina
Content Development Chair – Katrina Brewer
Publicity Chair – Jennette Holzworth
Social Media – Niki Riga


Community Council
Senior SPAC –Katy Courson
Community Impact Co-Chairs – Sarah Beauchamp and Kate Cane


Fund Development Council
VRL Co-Chairs – Jenn Cretella, Elise Grandsaert and Sabrina Martire
Rummage Sale Co-Chairs –Dawn Abernathy and Julia Lombardi


Membership Council
New Member Co-chairs – Dana Rudd and Jenny Alberts
New Member Training – Natasha Bhave and Christine Yeung
Recruiting – Chelsea Beene and Stephanie Schnitter


Leadership Development Council
Events and Arrangements Chair – Katie Brocaway