Committee Chairs and Special Leadership Positions

Operations Council

Communications Chair – Claire Leick

Community Council 

Community Partnership Co-Chairs – Janelle Greenlee and Heather Boshears

Community Advocacy/Senior SPAC – Janelle Greenlee

Community Advocacy/Junior SPAC – Heather Boshears

Membership & Member Development Council

Member Development Committee Chair – Monique Gagnon

Member Experience Committee Chairs – Jessica Nowak and Megan Paine

Fund Development Council

Fundraiser Committee Chairs – vacant

Special Committees

Nominating Committee  Jacqui Laughlin, Natasha Bhave, and Megan Paine

Sustainer Committee Chair – Maribeth Portz

Investment Oversight Committee (IOC) –  Kate Payne

Finance Manager –  vacant

Collective Impact 2022 – 2024 Cohort – Kirsten Bibbes, Caitlyn Kenner (Horton), Kristin Ludwick, Eva Lurker, Vikki Pummer, and Kelly Walsh