Committee Chairs

Communications Council

Historian – Janet Thorsrud
Website Manager – Kate Payne
Content Development Co-chairs – Erin Reuther and Heather Cressall
Publicity Chair – Sydney Ereno
Social Media – Tej Rajendran
Recruiting – Kori Schroeder and Victoria Kroll

Community Council

Senior SPAC – Virginia Johnson
Junior SPAC – Katy Courson
VRL Co-chairs – Dawn Bussey, Jayne Capelin and Amy Aken
Community Impact & Grant Assessment – Jenny Bratton
Community Impact Chair- Leslye Tinson

Fund Development Council

A Derby Event Co-chairs – Linda Graham, Marcia Riedel and Courtney Kaefer
Endowment Fund President – Marit McDonald

Membership Council

Member Resource Advisors – Gini Bossenbroek and Kate Sutcu
Events and Arrangements Chair – Heather Newman
New Member Co-chairs – Gina Trovato and Eva Markowska
Leadership Development – Caitlyn Mason and Adrienne South
New Member Training – Erica Kenyon